Term dates: The Magistrates’ Court sits all year except during the Christmas vacation from 10th December to 10th January.

Monthly sittings are also held on Praslin and La Digue. There are six magistrates, five in Victoria and one in Anse Royale. Two of these are senior magistrates who have greater sentencing powers. Magistrates hear cases by themselves. They are all legally trained and they are appointed by the Minister of Legal Affairs.

Appeal: If you are not satisfied with the outcome of your case, you may appeal to the Supreme Court. You must:

1 – Lodge your Notice of Appeal, in writing, with the Supreme Court Registrar within 14 days

2 – Lodge your memorandum of appeal within 14 days after filing the notice of appeal

The Magistrates’ Court has a civil and criminal division. You can choose to represent yourself or you can choose to be represented by a lawyer.

The cases are limited to less serious crimes with punishments up to: Those cases are limited to subject matter and value of the claim:

25 years’ imprisonment (by Senior Magistrates)

SR 250,000 fine


10 years’ imprisonment (by Senior Magistrates)

SR 350,000 claim


18 years’ imprisonment (by Junior Magistrates)

SR 125,000 fine

7 years’ imprisonment (by Junior Magistrates)

SR 250,000 claim