Seychelles Code of Judicial Conduct

Recognising that the Courts in Seychelles are established by the Constitution to exercise judicial power in conformity with law and are enjoined to administer justice impartially and expeditiously. The Judiciary is committed to acting in conformity with those values, norms, and aspirations, as laid down in the Constitution, as well as in Regional and International Conventions to which Seychelles subscribes. The Judiciary appreciates that the real effectiveness of judicial authority lies in the respect and acceptance the public accords to its exercise, which in turn ultimately depends on the proper manner in which the administration of justice is conducted. In in order to strengthen the rule of law, to protect human rights and freedoms and to properly administer justice, and in order to enhance and maintain public confidence in the Judiciary, both at individual and at institutional level, commit to respecting and honouring the judicial office as a public trust and to strive to protect judicial independence, in accordance with the Seychelles Judicial Code of Conduct