Natasha Burian (née Faulconer-Alton) was born in the Enfield, London, United Kingdom but raised from infancy on Mahe, Seychelles. She was educated at both the International and Independent School and later completed her A-Level studies with the School of Advanced Level Studies. She went on to study Law at the University of Reading and completed her BPTC with City University London and was called to the Bar at Inner Temple, London in July 2011.

Upon completing her studies, she practiced in Seychelles at the Chambers of Mr Frank D.R Ally. In March 2016 she took up the position of Vice-Chairperson of the Family Tribunal and in May 2017 she joined the Judiciary as Magistrate and Chairperson of the Rent Board.

In March 2019, she commenced her Master studies in Criminal Justice and Criminology with the University of London. Apart from her work with the Judiciary, she is active central committee member of The Ocean Project Seychelles with the mission to educate people of all ages across the country on the threats of marine debris to the oceans, marine and human life and the engage people to take action and stop debris from entering our oceans.