• Under the Legal Practitioners Act (LPA) the Registrar of the Supreme Court is responsible for the issuing of licences as required under the LPA.
  • The LPA makes it compulsory for any person practicing as an attorney-at-law to hold a legal practitioner’s licence (s6(d)).
  • Any person who is authorised to provide legal advice under section 13A is also required to hold a legal  practitioner’s licence  (s13A(2)(b)).
  • Failure to hold  a valid licence  may  result in sanctions by the Supreme Court.

License Application

  • The Legal Practitioners (Licence Application Form) Regulations, 2014 SI 110 of 2014 specify the application form for the Legal Practitioners Licence. This form is available from the Registrar’s office at the Palais de Justice and can be downloaded here: Application Form – Legal Practitioner’s License
  • Payments for the licence are to accompany completed applications which are to be submitted to the Registrar.

Please note that in terms of Practice Direction 3 of 2020:

  1. All legal practitioners’ licenses, unless exempted, are subject to the following conditions imposed in terms of section 6A(4) of the Legal Practitioners Act:
    • Legal practitioners must submit an annual audited copy of his/her clients’ account.
    • Legal practitioners must take legal aid cases as assigned.
  2. All audited clients’ accounts must demonstrate compliance with the applicable provisions of the Control and Protection of Clients’ Accounts Act, the LPA and the Legal Practitioners (Professional Conduct) Rules.
  3. Failure to appear in legal aid matters, and represent legal aid clients diligently, will be recorded and placed on record.
  4. Non-compliance with this practice directive and the conditions to attached legal practitioners’ licenses will, in terms of section 6A(6) of the Legal Practitioners Act, be considered when the Registrar considers the renewal of legal practitioners’ licenses, the suspension of legal practitioners’ licenses, the imposition of additional license conditions and any other sanction permitted under the law and Rules of Court.
  5. In considering whether a legal practitioner’s license shall be granted or renewed the Registrar will also consider the performance and behaviour of legal practitioners including, persistent late and non-attendance at court hearings by the practitioner, expeditious, professional and ethical conduct in the carriage of litigation, behavior that in the opinion of the Registrar indicates substantial doubts that the practitioner will adhere to the standards of conduct required of practitioners in Seychelles.

A list of all licensed legal practitioners in Seychelles is available here: Licensed Legal Professionals 2020.

Please address any queries regarding the above mentioned conditions to the Registrar of the Supreme Court.