Pupil State Counsel, Public Prosecutor, and Legal Officer for Fair Trade Take Their Oaths

Pupil State Counsel Ria Elisa Anne Alcindor and Public Prosecutor Kimberly Shamira d’Offay took their oaths before Chief Justice Rony Govinden in chambers on Wednesday 31 May 2023 before the Assistant Head of Criminal Registry and Principal State Counsel Mr. George Thatchett. In addition, legal officer Ramia Deera Charles also took her oaths before the […]

April 2023 Newsletter – Internal Updates and Handing Over of Tiling Project Phase 2

We bring to you the eighth edition of the Judiciary Newsletter, which provides you with updates on our internal operations, Attorneys being admitted to the Bar, taking of Oaths and other staff news. You can view this edition of the newsletter by clicking here.

Senior State Counsel Barry Galinoma Takes His Oaths

Barry Ernest Galinoma took his oaths before the Chief Justice Rony Govinden on Monday 20 March 2023 before colleagues and the Registrar of the Supreme Court. Mr. Galinoma will be serving as Senior State Counsel at the Attorney General’s office.

Fair Trading Commission Legal Officers, Notary and State Counsel Take Their Oaths

A group of young women took their Oaths before the Chief Justice and colleagues on 13 March 2023 at Palais de Justice. Kelly d’Offay took her oaths to practice as a Notary, and Leanne Nourrice took her oaths to perform duties as a State Counsel within the Attorney General’s office. Four other women took their […]

“Justice First”: Supreme Court Hosts a Grand Ceremonious Reopening

The Reopening of the Supreme Court 2023 was an auspicious event marked by notable traditions such as the procession of Judges, Magistrates, and court staff through Independence Avenue and the inspection of the Guard of Honour by the Chief Justice outside the Palais de Justice building. These ceremonious aspects of the event were put on […]

December Newsletter: Season’s Greetings from the Judiciary

The Judiciary of Seychelles welcomes you to read the final newsletter for the year 2022 which wraps up the few events and initiatives held in the last few months. This edition also features the Chief Justice’s end of year message. Click here to view the full newsletter.

Olivia Vel Called to The Bar As Attorney at Law

Olivia Vel was called to the Bar as a legally registered Attorney at Law on Wednesday 14 December 2022 before the Chief Justice Rony Goviden in Court Room 1. She was accompanied by her pupil master, lawyer Frank Elizabeth, and took her oaths before the Court. Olivia Vel grew up in England where she obtained […]

New State Counsels and Public Prosecutors at the Attorney General’s Office

On Wednesday 14 December, five new Public Prosecutors and State Counsels took their oaths before the Chief Justice Rony Govinden, in the presence of Principal State Counsel for the AG’s Office, Muhammed Saley, other colleagues, and family in the Chief Justice’s office. They are Chloe Albert, Sophie Vel, Jules Sinon, Dericka Figaro, and Mickela Marie. […]

New Notary Takes His Oaths

Mr. Olivier Chang-Leng took his oaths on Friday 2 December 2022 before the Chief Justice Rony Govinden in order to be able to perform duties as a registered and legal Notary. The short swearing in took place before the Chief Justice, Registrar of Supreme Court, and colleagues and family.

Public Prosecutors Take Their Oaths

New public Prosecutor Naomi Derjacques took her oaths before the Chief Justice Rony Govinden on Thursday 29 September 2022, in the presence of fellow colleagues and the Attorney General Mr. Frank Ally. The short ceremony in the Chief Justice’s chambers also included the taking of oaths of public Prosecutor Stellamaris Napier, who has just been […]