All courts are open to the public unless there is a specific order in place to prevent them from being so. Everyone has access to weekly causelists (link to causelists) to find out when a case is being heard. They can also sit in on the court process. Certain judgments are published on

Judges in Seychelles are appointed by the President of the Seychelles, from nominees recommended by the Constitutional Appointments Authority, which is comprised of a Presidential appointee, an appointee of the Leader of the Opposition party, and a Chairman elected by the two members of the Authority

The official language of the courts in Seychelles is English. Court interpreters are present in all Palais de Justice Courtrooms.

When entering or leaving a courtroom, it is important that you bow to a judge.

Whilst in court, it is forbidden to:

  • chew gum
  • eat
  • use a mobile phone
  • wear a cap
  • behave in a disruptive manner

You are also required to dress appropriately.