Before or upon entering into a lease

  • Be sure to read the lease carefully so you understand what you are agreeing to.
  • Take photos before you move in to show the condition of the unit and
    take an inventory.
  • Always take and/or issue receipts upon payment of rental;
  • Try to develop open communication with your landlord and/or tenant
    and report any repairs that are needed as quickly as possible.

Once entered into a tenancy

  • One of the tenant’s rights is to a habitable residence. This means that the
    home must be safe to live in, without dangerous conditions and must have
    access to utilities and water. The landlord is required to make any
    necessary repairs to keep the premises in reasonable condition while the
    tenant lives there.
  • An important component of a tenant’s legal rights is the right to privacy
    and the landlord cannot come into the home without notice.
  • A landlord cannot cut off the water and electricity supply neither can he
    change the locks to the premises whilst the tenant remains lawfully in the
  • The Control of rent and tenancy Act law allows the landlord to evict the
    tenant if there is a breach of the lease (broken promise made in the lease),
    including if the tenant fail to pay the rent. If the tenant refuses to vacate
    then the landlord must file an application for eviction before the Rent
    Board. The tenant must receive notice of this and have a chance to appear
    in court. The tenant will have the chance to file an answer with the court
    and present their side of the story.

Can a landlord evict me from where I am leasing

No landlord shall remove a tenant or take any steps to remove a tenant
without an order of eviction being granted by the Board. The grounds on
which eviction may be ordered are:

a) Rent lawfully due remains unpaid or there occurs a breach of a
condition of the lease;
b) The tenant is found guilty of nuisance or annoyance to adjoining
neighbors or has been convicted of using the premises for illegal
c) The tenant has been given notice to vacate and the landlord has
contracted to sell or let the property or has taken steps which would
prejudice him if he were not to regain possession;
d) The tenant has without authorization sublet;
e) The premises is overcrowded and dangerous to occupants;
f) The premises is reasonably required by the landlord for occupation
of an employee;
g) The premises is required by the landlord for his own use or for that
of his family members or co-owners;
h) The landlord is a statutory authority and it requires the premises
for their execution of its duties;
i) The premises is to be demolished, reconstructed, moved or
improved; or
j) The premises is so dilapidated that repairs are required to render
the premises in a tenant-able condition and cannot be undertaken
without the tenant vacating the house.

The Board in granting an order of ejectment may fix such time limit within
which the lessee shall vacate the dwelling house, as appears to the Board
to be reasonable in the circumstances. The Board may also make an order
as to the payment of arrears of rent or rent as may seem just.

Any person so summoned shall be bound to obey the summons served
upon him. If a lessor or lessee fails without reasonable excuse to attend
after being so summoned the Board may if the party failing to attend is the
applicant, take no further action on the application. IF the party failing to
attend is the respondent, decide the issue in his absence.

Any person who refuses or fails, without sufficient cause, to comply with
such summons, shall be guilty of and offence and liable on conviction to a
fine not exceeding one thousand rupees and to imprisonment for a term
not exceeding three months.

Any person aggrieved by any decision or order of the Board may appeal to
the Supreme Court on a question of law or of fact or of mixed law and fact
within 14 days of the delivery of a decision.


Avan antre dan en kontra lokasyon (Lease Agreement)

  • Fer sir ou lir byen sa dokiman e ki ou konpran ki ou pe antre ladan.
  • Tir porter avan ou antre dan sa lakaz pou montre ki kondisyon sa
    landrwa i ete. Osi fer sir ou annan en lenvanter tou sa ki ladan, si ou
    pe al lwe li meble. Sa lenvanter i ganny sinnyen par tou lede parti.
  • Touzour fer sir ou ganny en resi ler ou fer peyman lokasyon.
    Propriyeter osi i bezwen asire ki i donn son lokater en resi ler i pey
    li son lokasyon.
  • Esey devlop en lalinny kominikasyon ouver ant propriyeter avek
    lokater otan ki i posib.
  • Raport okenn reparasyon ki bezwen ganny fer osito ki i posib.
  • En lokater napa okenn drwa fer okenn reparasyon ou amelyorasyon
    lo ou dan sa lakaz san en lord Bord.
  • En lokater i osi annan drwa fer en laplikasyon dan Bord pou aranze,
    fer desann lokasyon pandan ki i pe okip sa landrwa e damande pou
    fer serten reparasyon lo sa lakaz si i neseser.

Ler ou antre e pe reste dan en lakaz lwe

  • Premye drwa en lokater se en lozman ki abitab savedir en lakaz ki an
    sekirite pou reste ladan san okenn kondisyon ki kapab anmenn danze pou
    ou ek ou fanmiy.
  • Ou devre fer sir ou annan akse avek delo ek elektrisite.
  • Propriyeter i bezwen fer nenport reparasyon neseser pou gard landrwa dan
    en kondisyon rezonab letan i annan lokater ke pe lwe sa landrwa.
  • I en draw fondamantal e legal ki sa lokater i zwir son trankilite prive e i pa
    ganny deranze a nenport ler par son propriyeter. Propriyeter i bezwen donn
    son lokater en letan rezonab si i anvi ou i bezwen vizit sa landrwa.
  • En propriyeter pa kapab koup koneksyon delo ouswa elektrisite e menm pa
    kapab sanz oken lakle lakaz letan en lokater pe legalman lwe e reste dan sa
  • Si sa lokater i kas okenn lartik dan son kontra lokasyon ki enkli pa pey
    lokasyon, Lalwa Kontrol lokasyon ek Kontra Lokasyon i permet en
    propriyeter pou tir en lokater dan son lakaz swivan en laplikasyon fer devan
    tribinal Rent Board pli byen konnen konman Bord.
  • Lokater i bezwen ganny enformen an ekrir ki en laplikasyon i n fer devan
    Bord kont li. Sa i a donn li letan pou li kapab fer son defans si i annan.
  • Sa Propriyeter i bezwen oparavan donn notis en ekri parey kontra i dir si
    sa lokater pa pe pey lokasyon atan ouswa i an aryeraz avek son lapey.
  • Si lokater i refize sorti e kit landrwa, propriyeter i bezwen fer en
    laplikasyon devan Bord pou retir li. Sa lokater i ganny enformen par notis
    an ekrir e i ganny sans pou vinn eksplik son defans devan Bord

Tribinal Kontrol Lokasyon ek Kontra Lokasyon

Okenn propriyete napa drwa tir en lokater dan en lakaz ouswa pran oken
mezir pou tir en lokater san en lord fer par Rent Board

Rent Board (Bord) i lenstans pou ekout oken laplikasyon konsernan en
lakaz pou sa bann rezon swivan:-

i. lakaz ki pe ganny lwe ouswa parti en lekaz ki pe ganny lwe
konman en lendrwa separe pou reste ladan ouswa pou fer en
biznes kelkonk.

ii. pa pey lokasyon parey in agree dan kontra lokasyon e ki sa
lokater i an aryeraz avek son peyman

iii. fikse, redwir ouswa fer monte lokasyon

iv. okenn kondisyon i ganny kase ou pa pe swiv dapre kontra
lokasyon ki n sinnyen

v. lokater i n ganny war koupab pou nwizans ouswa agas lavi bann
vwazen akote ouswa i n ganny kondannen pou servi sa landrwa
pou fer bann tranzaksyon ilegal

vi. lokater i n ganny notis pou sorti dan landrwa akoz propriyeter pe
vann sa landrwa ouswa pou lwe sa propriyete ouswa i n fer serten
langazman personnel e ki si sa propriete pa vakan i pou ganny
serten prezize ou ganny met anba serten presyon

vii. sa lokater pe soulwe sa landrwa san permisyon ou lotorizasyon
son propriyeter

viii. sa landrwa i annan tro bokou dimoun ladan ki fer li danzere pou
sa bann ki pe reste ladan

ix. sa landrwa i ganny bezwen pou abrit enn son anplwaye

x. sa landrwa i ganny bezwen par sa propriyeter limenm pou reste
ladan ouswa pou met en manm son fanmir ouswa son

xi. propriyeter i en lotorite statiter (statutory) e i bezwen sa landrwa
pou li desarz son lobligasyon

xii. sa landrwa pe ganny demoli, rekonstrir, bouze ouswa rearanze

xiii. sa landrwa i sitan avarye ki travay i neseser pou fer li pli abitab e
ki sa travay pa kapab ganny fer otan ki i annan dimoun ladan

Zizman/Lord Bord

Ler Bord i donn en lord/zizman pou en lokater kit landrwa, i donn en dele/limit
letan pou sa lokater evakye landrwa. Bord i pran kont ki letan ki i donnen i
rezonnab dapre sirkonstans. Bord i osi fer lord pou okenn aryeraz lokasyon i
ganny peye e osi ki lokasyon i kontinnyen ganny peye ziska ler sa lokater i
sorti dan sa landrwa.

Okenn aplikan/respondan ki santi ki pa dakor avek lord ki bord i n donnen i
annan katorz (14) zour pou fer rapel sa desizyon avek lakour siprenm lo en
kestyon lalwa ouswa en fe ouswa en melanz lalwa avek fe.

I bon note ki Bord pa fer lord pou okenn aryeraz pou delo ek elektrisite. Sa i
kapab ganny fer dan en lot foronm lakour sivil.

Somonn swivan Laplikasyon

Oken dimoun ki n ganny servi en somonn pou paret devan Bord i bezwen
obeir sa somonn e raport devan Bord.

Dan ka kot en dimoun pa paret sa zour, Bord i kapab, si sa dimoun i aplikan,
pa pran okenn aksyon avek sa laplikasyon. Me si sa ki pa raporte i respondan
savedir sa enn ki laplikasyon i kont li, Bord i kapab pran desizyon pou ekout
sa laplikasyon dan son labsans e pran en desizyon ki i posib pa neseserman
dan son faver.

Nenport dimoun ki pa oule ouswa refize pou reponn en somonn i koupab pou
en lofans e i kapab ganny kondannen en lanmann mil roupi ouswa al prizon
pou pa plis ki trwa mwan

The Rent Board is an independent tribunal appointed by the Minister of of Habitat, Infrastructure and Land Transport and is in charge of dealing with tenancy disputes.

The Board before making any orders gives all interested parties the opportunity of being heard and the right to produce evidence. The laws of Seychelles relating to witnesses and evidence shall be applicable to all witnesses appearing and to all evidence taken before the Board.

The opinion of the majority of the members of the Board present and expressing an opinion shall be decisive upon any question before the Board and in case of an equality of votes the Chairman shall have a second and casting vote.

When the Chairman is absent the members shall appoint a member to preside over the proceedings, and this member shall have all the powers and duties of the Chairman. The proceedings of the Board are open to the public. Any person aggrieved by any decision or order of the Board may appeal to the Supreme Court.

The Board sits once every Friday of the week and is presided by the Chairperson and at the least two members. The Rent Board is located in the Victoria Magistrate Court Building.

The Rent Board was established in terms of Part V of the Control of Rent and Tenancy Agreements Act.