James Camille first joined Judiciary in 1994 as an Interpreter before he left in 1999 to work for the Attorney General office as a Public Prosecutor. During his tenure in office, he had the opportunity to follow  short high level courses such as; Drugs Control and Prevention of Crime, Anti- Trafficking in Person, Law Enforcement Executive Development Program, Advance Management in Law Enforcement, International Banking and Money Laundering  and Environment Education in Africa.

He was promoted in 2005 to the post of Assistant to the Deputy Chief Public Prosecutor, a position he held until his departure in September 2011 to work in the Finance Services Sector where he was employed with Seychelles Commercial Bank as a Legal Officer.

In January, 2016, he was promoted to the post of Legal Manager a position he held until his departure in August, 2016 to be re-united with the Attorney General office as the Chief Public Prosecutor.

He was appointed as a Magistrate in July 2018.