Natasha Burian studied law at the University of Reading, United Kingdom and completed her Bar Professional Training Course (BPTC) with City University London. In July 2011 she was called to the bar and became a member of the Honorable Society of the Inner Temple. She started her legal career at the Chambers of Mr. Frank D. R Ally (current Attorney-General) where she practiced for five years as an Attorney-at-Law and Notary. In March 2016 she became vice-chairperson of the Family Tribunal and in May 2017 she was appointed Magistrate. During her tenure as Magistrate, Mrs. Burian also presided over the Employment Tribunal, the Rent Board and the Mental Health Care Tribunal.

In November 2021 she was appointed as Master of the Supreme Court making her the youngest judicial appointee to the Supreme Court bench.

Mrs. Burian is the current Chairperson of Computerised Case Administration System of Seychelles (‘CCASS’) and has attended specialist training in areas of Judgment Writing, Environmental Law and Transnational crime. She also possesses a  Postgraduate Certificate in Laws (Criminology and Criminal Justice) and a Postgraduate Diploma in Laws (Criminology and Criminal Justice) and at present she is in the process of completing a Masters of Laws specialising in Criminal Justice and Criminology with the University of London.

Apart from her judicial work, she is an active member of The Ocean Project Seychelles with the mission to educate people of all ages across the country on the threats of marine debris to the oceans, marine and human life and the engage people to take action and stop debris from entering our oceans.