Below is the updating the list of licensed lawyers who are permitted to practice legally in Seychelles for 2023.

LIST OF LEGAL PRACTITIONERS 2022 updated 14.04.22
AFIFAsiyathasy_afif@hotmail.com4324450Ansuya House, Revolution Avenue, Victoria / saglae@seylaw.sc4322060N/AOJ Mall
ALLYFrankfdrally@seychelles.sc4321718/46105154324140Suite 213, Premiere Building, Victoria
ALMEIDAEvelyneevelyne@almeidachambers.com2644995Sans Soucis, Mahe, P.O Box 263 Victoria
AMESBURYAlexiaa.g.amesburyattorney@gmail.com46104144321152Premier Building House, Block B, 2nd Floor
BARBEShantanashantana@georgesattorneys.com4224280226 Eden Plaza, Eden Island, Roche Caiman
BELLEDanielbelle@seychelles.net43229554322960Olivier Maradan Building, Victoria
BENOITONAlexandraalexandra@plc.sc4321718/46105154324140Suite 213, Premiere Building, Victoria
BONNELAMEAnnaliseannalise@ptl.sc4321071Suite 109,Premier Building, Victoria
BONTEFrancefgbonte@seychelles.net2510012La Misere, Mahe
BONIFACELeslielblawconsultancy@gmail.com2747477Room 33, Kingsgate House, Victorianot renewed
BOULLEPhilippeattorney@seychelles.net42892004225626Room 307, Victoria House, Victoria
BUTLERJuliettejmbutler@applebyglobal.com42952814225281Appleby Suite 202, Eden Plaza, Eden Island
CAMILLEJoeljoelcamille@email.sc43251184224043Sound & Vision Building, Victoria
CESARDanieldce369979@gmail.com2849850Ma Constance, Anse Etoile, Mahe
CHANG-LENGOlivierolivier@clw.sc4324122Chang-Leng and Wong Chambers, Room 111, Block B, Unity House, Victoria
CHANG-SAMFrancisfrancis@changsam.law43221004324221Room 12, Kingsgate House, Victoria
CHETTYElviselvischetty@gmail.com46111404611144MS Complex, 2nd Floor, Victoria
CHETTYPriscilleprisky81@gmail.com46111404611144MS Complex, 2nd Floor, Victoria
CHRISTENTamaratamara@christenchambers.net253117Eden Plaza, Eden Island
DARWYNEMichaelmichaeldarwyne@runbox.com42892144225626P.O Box 6098, Providance
DERJACQUESAnthonydec@seychelles.net43219004225185Trinity House, Huteau Lane, Victoria
DICKKarinekarine@georgesattorneys.com42242804224043226 Eden Plaza, Eden Island, Roche Caiman
D'OFFAYKellykkimkoon@hotmail.com46116084324176Ansuya House, Revolution Avenue, Victoria
DOMINGUEKarenicsey@seychelles.net42262434225260Trinity House, Victoria
DURUPRenerene@seychambers.com4325699N/Asuite 209, Sham Peng Tong Plaza, Victoria
ELIZABETHFrankglobalsez@gmail.com43236474321755Suite 212 B, Premier Building, Victoria
FAUREAmandaamanda@ptl.sc43210714324100Suite 109,Premier Building, Victoria
FERLEYGuyguyferley969@gmail.com42262434225260Trinity House, Victoria
FREMINOTSammyN/A2590532Anse Royal, Mahe, Seychelles.
FREMINOTValerievalery@ptl.sc43210714324100Suite 109,Premier Building, Victoria
GABRIELNicholnicgabriel@aol.com4322608/43752314321476Olivier Maradan Building, Victorianot renewed
GEORGESBernardinfo@georgesattorneys.com42242804224043226 Eden Plaza, Eden Island, Roche Caiman
GEORGESAnettebiblo2003@hotmail.com42242804224043226 Eden Plaza, Eden Island, Roche Caiman
GILLVanessavanessa@georgesattorneys.com42242804224043226 Eden Plaza, Eden Island, Roche Caiman
GONTHIEREmilyemily.gonthier@hotmail.com4324450Ansuya House, Revolution Avenue, Victoria
GOVINDENAudricaudric@seychambers.com4325699suite 209, Sham Peng Tong Plaza, Victoria
HERMINIEWilliamromabenoit18@gmail.com2525444N/Anotary licence suspended
HOAREAUBasilbhoareau1975@live.com2781188Law Chambers of Basil Hoareau MS Complex, Victoria
JULIEBrianbjulie@seychelles.net4412458N/ARoom 206, Premier Building, Victoria
JULIETTEAnthonyN/A42245174225403Ebrahim Building, Victoria
KARUNAKARANDuraikannukarunaka@gmail.com4289200N/ARoom 307, Victoria House, Victoria
KARUNAKARANKhalyaankhalyaan@magnolia.legal2711116N/AMagnolia Legal, P.O Box 6101
LABLACHEConradconrad@ptl.sc43210714324100Suite 109,Premier Building, Victoria
LABLACHEJean-Marcjmlablache@gmail.com2525013Suite 106B, Premier Building, Albert Street, Victoria
LAPORTERyanryanlaporte1995@gmail.com4226281Michel Building, Quincy street, Victoria
LOUISEKellyklouise@kelbizlex.com2714951Ma Joie, Mahe
LUCASCharlesclucas@seychelles.net2717870Room 105, Premier Building, Victoria
LUCASDannydslucas@seychelles.net42252244224791Victoria House, Victoria / michellucas056@gmail.com43615624361562P.O.Box 4098 Anse Royale,Quatre Bornes, Baie Lazare
MADELEINEAlexandraamadeleineoffice@gmail.com43226384322479Room 24, 1st Floor, Kingsgate House, Victoria
MARGUERITEMichellemsmarguerite1982@gmail.com4226281Michel Building, Quincy street, Victoria
MAURELGerardgmaurel@seychelles.net42242704224370Kingsgate House, 1st Floor, Victoria
MICHAUDLarahlarahmichaud@gmail.com4324450Ansuya House, Revolution Avenue, Victoria
MOLLERMalcomemmoller@applebyglobal.com42952814295281Appleby Suite 202, Eden Plaza, Eden Island
NICETTEVanessavanessa@ptl.sc43210714324100Suite 109,Premier Building, Victoria
PARDIWALLAPesipesi@ptl.sc43210714324100Suite 109,Premier Building, Victoria
PARDIWALLAZarazara@ptl.sc43210714324100Suite 109,Premier Building, Victoria
PARMANTIERManuellamplaw@email.sc4322279Parmantier Law Chamber, Suite T55 3rd Floor, Espace Building, Victoria
POOLLucyluciepool21@gmail.com42250384224266Suite 214 A,Premier Building,Victoria
RAJASUNDARAMSomasundaramkuravadi@seychelles.net4226281N/AMichel Building, Quincy street, Victoria Joie, Mahe
RENAUDJohnrenaudjohn25@yahoo.com42248814225931Allied Building,Victoria
ROBERTGeorgesgeorge.e.robert@gmail.com2569021N/AC/o Human Rights Commission / manager@sergerouillon.com4225276/ 42251574225846Room 14, 1st Floor, Kingsgate House, Victoria
SABINODivinodivino@ptl.sc43210714324100Suite 109,Premier Building, Victoria
SHAHKierankbshah@seychelles.net43244504324176Ansuya House, Revolution Avenue, Victoria
VALABHJILauralaura@intelvision.net44101694430169Suite 3-03, Capital City Building, Victoriasuspended
WONGEdithedith@clw.sc4324112Chang-Leng and Wong Chambers, Room 111, Block B, Unity House, Victoria
ZATTEDoradorazatte@gmail.comBel Eau, PO Box 195, Victoria
ATHANASIUSJoseph(notary)joseph@trustsey.com2512271Anse Royale , P.O.Box 1137
JOLICOEURShelton(notary)jolicoeur.shelton@gmail.com42370304237029Ocean Plaza, Grand Anse Praslin/ 2nd floor, Allied Building Annex, Victoria
MUBARAK ALILydia(notary)lmafitsey@seychelles.net2582928Suite 309, Capital City Buildingnot renewed


Note that the lawyers Leslie Boniface, Nichol Gabriel, Lydia Mubarak Ali, and Laura Valabhji currently do not have a renewed license to practice. In addition, Mr. William Herminie is not permitted to do any notary work, but he is still a licensed legal practitioner and can represent clients in court and give them advice. Mr. France Bonte’s license has been renewed (updated 28 August 2023).

  • Under the Legal Practitioners Act (LPA) the Registrar of the Supreme Court is responsible for the issuing of licences as required under the LPA.
  • The LPA makes it compulsory for any person practicing as an attorney-at-law to hold a legal practitioner’s licence (s6(d)).
  • Any person who is authorised to provide legal advice under section 13A is also required to hold a legal  practitioner’s licence  (s13A(2)(b)).
  • Failure to hold  a valid licence  may  result in sanctions by the Supreme Court.

License Application

  • The Legal Practitioners (Licence Application Form) Regulations, 2014 SI 110 of 2014 specify the application form for the Legal Practitioners Licence. This form is available from the Registrar’s office at the Palais de Justice and can be downloaded here: Application Form – Legal Practitioner’s License
  • Payments for the licence are to accompany completed applications which are to be submitted to the Registrar.

Please note that in terms of Practice Direction 3 of 2020:

  1. All legal practitioners’ licenses, unless exempted, are subject to the following conditions imposed in terms of section 6A(4) of the Legal Practitioners Act:
    • Legal practitioners must submit an annual audited copy of his/her clients’ account.
    • Legal practitioners must take legal aid cases as assigned.
  2. All audited clients’ accounts must demonstrate compliance with the applicable provisions of the Control and Protection of Clients’ Accounts Act, the LPA and the Legal Practitioners (Professional Conduct) Rules.
  3. Failure to appear in legal aid matters, and represent legal aid clients diligently, will be recorded and placed on record.
  4. Non-compliance with this practice directive and the conditions to attached legal practitioners’ licenses will, in terms of section 6A(6) of the Legal Practitioners Act, be considered when the Registrar considers the renewal of legal practitioners’ licenses, the suspension of legal practitioners’ licenses, the imposition of additional license conditions and any other sanction permitted under the law and Rules of Court.
  5. In considering whether a legal practitioner’s license shall be granted or renewed the Registrar will also consider the performance and behaviour of legal practitioners including, persistent late and non-attendance at court hearings by the practitioner, expeditious, professional and ethical conduct in the carriage of litigation, behavior that in the opinion of the Registrar indicates substantial doubts that the practitioner will adhere to the standards of conduct required of practitioners in Seychelles.

Please address any queries regarding the above mentioned conditions to the Registrar of the Supreme Court.