3 April 2020

Under the current operating procedures of the Supreme Court, Magistrate’s Court and Tribunals that have been implemented in response to COVID-19, decisions of the courts and tribunals are delivered once a week on a Friday until further notice.

The following decisions were handed down on Friday, 3 April 2020. For a copy of the decision please contact the Registrar of the Supreme Court.


MC 114/14 – Marie-Alice Monthy (F. Bonte) v/s Jean-Claude Monthy and Ors. (A. Madeleine) Judgment

MA 56/20 arising in CS 38/20 – Blackburn Consulting (K. Shah) v/s Hunt Deltel & Co. Ltd Judgment

CO 44/17 – The Republic (G. Thatchett) v/s Stephan Mondon and Ors. (A. Amesbury, C. Andre, J. Camille), (C. Andre) Sentence

DV 118/19 – Johny Wilven Jean (S. Rouillon) v/s Fadeque Josianne Jean born Dora (J. Camille) Judgment

MC 28/19 Appeal from RB NO.9 of 2018 – Jean Luke Payet (S. Rouillon) v/s Maison de Victoria (PTY) Limited (J. Camille) Judgment

CR 73/17 – The Republic (E. Almeida) v/s Danny Sultan (C. Andre) Ruling

DC 197/19 – Michel Joan Simeon (Self Represented) v/s Claudette Florinette Simeon (Unrepresented) Judgment

DC 11/20 – Don Luc Dan Larue (K. Dick) v/s Louciana Mary Kilindo (Unrepresented) Judgment

DC 199/19 – Hansel Yocette (C. Lucas) v/s Agnette Yocette (Unrepresented) Judgment

DC 200/19 – Amanda Anita Larue born Lang (M. Parmantier) v/s Christian Alin Larue (Unrepresented) Judgment

XP 08/20 – Durai Naidu (S. Rajasundaram) Order

DC 01/20 – Rebekah Etienne born Chang-Thiou (Unrepresented) v/s Channel Ian Etienne (Unrepresented) Judgment

DC 221/19 – Gustave Florent Victor (S. Rajasundaram) v/s Elisabeth Patsy Victor born Asman (Unrepresented) Judgment

DC 07/20 – Christina Monette Marie (K. Dick) v/s Francesco Drosi (Unpresented) Judgment

XP 07/20 – Somasundaram Rajasundaram (Self-Represented) Order

XP 13/20 – Kader Keddy Giovanni Philoe (C. Lucas) Order

DV 79/10 – Marie Marieline Camille nee Joubert (E. Chetty) v/s Pierre Claver Camille (N. Gabriel) Judgment

MA 318/19 Arising in CS 88/09 – Jacqueline Leon (S. Rajasundaram) v/s The Estate of Loita Laurencine (K. Louise)  Ruling

CN 69/16 – Marie Alice Morel and Ors. (S. Rajasundaram) v/s Dirk Rose (E. Chetty) Judgment

CS 46/19 – Roy Sonny Monthy (B. Georges) v/s Paquerette Marie-Therese Payet nee Chiffone (W. Lucas) Judgment

CA 16/19 Arising in CS 03/17 – Andy Fontaine (B. Julie) v/s Alexia Amesbury (Self-Represented) Judgment


ET 133/18 – Sylvie Bacco (L. Boniface) v/s Inter Island Boats Ltd (A. Amesbury) Ruling