17 – 24 APRIL 2020

Under the current operating procedures of the Supreme Court, Magistrate’s Court and Tribunals that have been implemented in response to COVID-19, decisions of the courts and tribunals are delivered once a week on a Friday until further notice.

The following decisions were handed down on Friday, 17 and 24 April 2020. For a copy of the decision please contact the Registrar of the Supreme Court.

17 APRIL 2020

Supreme Court

CR 38/2019 – The Republic (D. Esparon and R. Lansinglu) v/s 1. ML (N. Gabriel), 2. EL (C. André) and 3. J-YN (A. Amesbury) (Sentence)

CR 30/19 – The Republic v/s (D. Esparon) v/s Ned Valencia (N. Gabriel) and Trevor Payet (C. Andre) (Sentence)

MA 66/20 arising in MC 23/20 – Allan Ernestine and Anor (C. Andre) v/s MERJ Exchange Limited and Ors (E. Chetty) (Hearing of Motion)

MC 51/17 – Arthur Benoit Servina (Acting as Fiduciary of the heirs of the late Marcel Antha) (K. Domingue) v/s Rene Labiche (Representing the heirs of the late Maria Athala nee Pierre-Louis) (B. Julie) (Order)

Magistrates’ Court

CS 137/18 – Estelle Maiden (E. Wong) v/s Bertine Ah Kong Trading as Villa Authentique (A Madeleine) (Judgment)

CN 457/19, CN 458/19, CN 459/19 and CN 460/19 – The Republic (E. Rideau) v/s Kenny Ah-Thion (O. Chang-Leng) (Sentence)

PQ: 337/2019 Inquest into the alleged death or disappearance of Andrew Callum Cyril Betsy pursuant to section 3 of the Presumption of Deaths Act (CAP 177) (Findings)

24 APRIL 2020

Supreme Court

MA 284/19 arising in CS 37/19 – Andre Leslie Benoiton & Ors (Basil Hoareau) v/s Sarah Zarquani Rene & Ors (V. Gill & K. Dick) (Order) SCSC 264

MC 96/19 – Louis Dogley (B. Julie) v/s Helena Camille (A. Amesbury) (Ruling) SCSC 263

MA 215/18 arising in DV 50/17 – Billy Xavier Mussard (K. Dick) v/s Mary-Jane Humburte Mussard nee Athanase (B. Julie) (Judgment) SCSC 260

CS 151/2018 – Helene Joanise Lesperance & Ors (M. Parmantier) v/s Maria Elizabeth (F. Elizabeth) (Ruling) SCSC 262