The Judiciary hosted a prize giving ceremony on Friday 27 January 2023 for the seven students who participated in the very first art competition for the Supreme Court.

The ceremony also served to hand over funds collected for the Cancer Concern Association during the church service on the occasion of the Reopening of the Supreme Court earlier this year. A total of SCR 7, 548.85 was collected for the association.

In first place, we have Angela Marzocchi with her interpretation of justice in Seychelles. Angela made a canvas painting depicting the various symbols of justice – from the court, constitution, and even Seychelles as a nation represented by the Clocktower. Her description was well thought and her technique was noticeably excellent.

In second place, we have Aaliyah Dugasse for her large canvas portrayal of the Palais de justice building. Aaliyah used a mixed technique of paint and charcoal to depict our main building with small depictions on the sides of justice. Her artworks was also the largest one we have received in the competition.

In third place, we have Caura Antat for her detailed depictions of justice in action. Also choosing to depict the main Palais de Justice building, Caura’s painting tells a story of crime, arrests, and justice being served. It was very detailed and creative.

In fourth place, we have Joshua Nourrice for his artistic interpretation of justice. Joshua is also being awarded for most creative description – as his artwork depicts symbolisms for justice such as a large fist, balance, and a broken chain to symbolise freedom. His description also references human rights listed by UNESCO.

We also wanted to award those who participated and showed an insightful thought process in creating their artworks. These are Jean-Eve Derjacques,  Natalie Joseph, and Jemmimah Madeleine for their interpretation of Justice in Seychelles.


For this year’s Reopening of the Supreme ceremony famously hosted annually on 10 January, the Judiciary’s Public Relations department hosted an art competition in December 2022 for students from the Seychelles Institute of Art and Design (SIAD). They were asked to interpret our theme, “Justice First” in their own artistic way.

The winning artwork by the talented Angela Marzocchi, age 17 years, was selected to be featured on the cover of our booklet handed out at the Reopening of Supreme Court ceremony.

Her painting includes symbols of Seychelles and the justice system, such as the Book of Law, the Judge, the clock tower, the flag, and the people. Describing her artwork, she says, “Seychellois are a young and proud nation. We have equality in our diversity, and all are given opportunities for success, freedom, and the same rights under the law.”

All the artworks from SIAD students who participated in the competition are displayed in the Palais de Justice lobby for the public to view and enjoy.