COVID-19: Court and Tribunal Operations (updated 9 April 2020)

Adopted: 16 March 2020

Updated: 23 March 2020

Updated: 27 March 2020

Updated 9 April 2020


On 16 March 2020, following the confirmation of COVID-19 cases in Seychelles, the Judiciary of Seychelles adopted a number of precautionary measures to reduce the congregation of persons and crowding at court premises. These measures have been amended following new developments and to respond accordingly to new regulations. Details of new legislation and government measures responding to COVID-19 are available here. These measures are designed to minimise the likelihood of the transmission of the virus and protect court staff and court users.

On 8 April 2020 the Judiciary was declared to be an important office during this time. The Judiciary will therefore continue to function as per the operating procedures listed below for the next 21 days in line with its constitutional mandate to administer justice. The Judiciary however requests that members of the public and lawyers  comply with the new regulations and not come to the Palais de Justice unless notified to be present. If you have any questions regarding these operating procedures please contact the Judiciary via phone or email on the contact details listed below.

Please note the Court of Appeal sitting for April has been postponed until further notice. For any queries please contact the Registrar on the number below.

Matters being heard

  1. The courts and tribunals will hear ONLY the following matters:
    • Criminal remands, including matters brought in terms of section 100 and 101 of the Criminal Procedure Code
    • Urgent matters
    • Existing cases of significant urgency/importance may be identified and the parties will be contacted by the Registry for the case to proceed during this period.
  2. All other matters on the causelist will be adjourned and given a new date in due course. Parties and lawyers will be notified.
  3. Every effort, in consultation with the Department of Prison Services, will be made to minimise the number of prisoners coming to court, and video link technology will be used where possible.
  4. Duty judges/magistrates will take the above mentioned matters.

Court and tribunal sittings

  1. All courts and tribunals will be available to take the above mentioned matters as needed
  2. For further enquiries and to file an urgent matter please contact the Registrar of the Supreme Court.
  3. No cases will be taken at Anse Royale, Victoria and Praslin Magistrates’ Court, and all cases will be moved to the Palais de Justice.
  4. All parties and their legal representatives will be contacted with regard to any planned sittings of the courts and tribunals.


  1. Courts and tribunals will continue to deliver judgments/orders/rulings and sentences (for remanded persons only) on Fridays.
  2. Parties and their legal representatives will be notified and electronic copies made available.

Please do not come to the Palais de Justice unless granted permission by DRDM

  1. At all times social distancing of 2 meters or more will be enforced between all persons in the courtroom. Courtroom attendance shall be limited to essential persons only.
  2. All courts and tribunals will be regularly cleaned, and court recording equipment and surfaces will be regularly disinfected.
  3. The Judiciary will continue to monitor the situation and review risks and will take appropriate action where necessary to ensure compliance with MOH and World Health Organisation Guidelines.

Litigants and Lawyers

The public are strongly discouraged from coming to the courthouses, unless granted permission.

  1. Litigants are encouraged to contact their legal practitioner if they have any queries relating to their case.
  2. Legal practitioners are reminded that they are under duty to keep their clients informed of these and any other changes.

Court Services and Registries

The following services at the Palais de Justice will be closed:

  1. The library
  2. The canteen
  3. The Court of Appeal registry. All Court of Appeal queries are to be directed to the Registrar.
  4. The cashiers will be available on Thursday (a cashier will be available on standby for taking the payments of cash bonds and fines)
  5. Apostille services will only be open Thursdays.

For urgent queries please contact the Judiciary on: +248 282 2035 or +248 282 2036

The Judiciary requests that all other enquiries be made via email. For enquiries relating to court and tribunal cases please contact registrar@judiciary.gov.sc. For all media and access to information queries please contact the Director for Legal Affairs on a.wallis@judiciary.gov.sc


En Rapel konsernan fonksyonnman Lakour ek Tribinal Ziska Prosen Lanons

 Bann manm Piblik ek bann avoka, pe re ganny fer rapel notis le 16 Mars 2020 ki ti ganny revize le 23 Mars 2020, ki departman Zidisyer in aziste son bann fonksyon par rapor avek lenformasyon lo Viris COVID- 19. Departman Zidisyer pe alors demande ki bann manm Piblik e bann avoka, pou pa vin kot Palais de Justice amwen ki zot in ganny notifye ki zot prezans I neseser. Si ou annan okenn kestyon konsernan oken prosedir ouswa konsernan en ka ki ou en parti ladan, silvouple kontakte ou reprezantan legal oubyen kontakte lofis Zidisyer atraver telefonn oubyen par let eletronik (e-mail).

Sa bann lenformasyon pe ganny brefman met a ou latansyon:

  • Tou bann ka devan lakour dApel, Siprenm, lakour Mazistra e bann ka tribunal in ganny anvoye pou pli tar.
  • Tou bann ki lo rimann pou bann ka kriminel, sa pou ganny fer atraver en sistenm video (videolink) otan ki I rezonnableman posib. Prosen ka rimann pou pase le 3 Avril 2020 pour bann lakour Mazistra ek Lakour Siprenm.
  • Santans pou ganny delivre selman pour bann dimoun ki lo rimann. Tou bann lezot santans pou ganny delivre a en dat pli tar. Bann akise a va ganny notifye.
  • Nimport laplikasyon irzan I kapab ganny anmennen. Bann dimoun ki enplike dan bann ka legal, zot kapab kontakte Rezistra lakour siprenm lo sa nimero ki ganny vwar anba lo sa dokiman, pou organiz klasman zot ka oubyen pou anmenn zot kes. Sa ban kes pou ganny pran par lakour letan I pe fonsyonnen lo son prosen dat.
  • Rezistra I kapab kriy serten bann ka ki’n ganny idantifye koman irzan e ki pa pou kapab ganny anvoye pou pli tar.
  • Tou bann zizman, bann lord e bann desizyon pour kes ki’n fini ekoute pour tou lakour ek Tribinal pou ganny delivre tou le Vandredi e tou bann parti konsernen pou ganny kontakte  e resevwar en copi par email.

Sa bann servis swivan kot Palais de Justice pou fermen

  • Bibliotek
  • Kantin
  • Biro Lanrezistreman pou Lakour D’apel
  • Lakes pou ouver dan Zedi Selman (pou peyman kosyon e lanmann)
  • Servis Apostil pou ouver Zedi Selman.

Tou lenformasyon I devret ganny demande avek Rezistra lo sa ladres elektronik swivan: registrar@judiciary.gov.sc oubyen j.esticot@judiciary.gov.sc oubyen lo sa de nimero telefonn swivan: 2822035 e 2822036.

  • All court staff and court users are strongly advised to continue to observe the stringent guidance on regular hand washing with soap and social distancing.
  • Please immediately self-isolate and contact the COVID-19 Hotline on 141 if you have any symptoms, including:
    • Fever
    • Cough
    • Difficulty breathing