In a quest to elevate the standards of service within the Judiciary, a half-day training session was organized on Thursday 20 July 2023 for our dedicated Drivers, Messengers, and Transport Officers.

The training, led by Mr. John Figaro, Head Protocol Chauffeur in Protocol Section in the Foreign Affairs Department, supported by Mr. Channel Quatre and Mr. Francis Clothilde, aimed to equip our chauffeurs with the necessary protocols, professionalism, and etiquette required when serving judges, VIPs, and being part of a prominent public institution.

Protocols and Responsibilities: As ambassadors of the Judiciary, our drivers play a crucial role in ensuring the smooth and secure transportation of judges and esteemed guests. Understanding the specific protocols when interacting with VIPs, as well as adhering to a code of conduct during official duties, is essential in maintaining the image and reputation of our institution.

Professionalism Behind the Wheel: Beyond simply driving from point A to B, our drivers represent the Judiciary and must embody the highest levels of professionalism. The training focused on enhancing driving skills, safe driving practices, and maintaining vehicles in pristine condition. Through this, our drivers exude confidence and reliability, setting a standard of excellence in service delivery.

Grooming and General Etiquette: First impressions matter, and our drivers are often the face of the Judiciary when meeting VIPs and external guests. The training emphasized the importance of immaculate grooming, neat uniforms, and courteous communication. By mastering general etiquette, our drivers create a welcoming and respectful atmosphere that reflects the institution’s values.

Being Part of a Large Public Institution: Working within the Judiciary means being part of a larger family that upholds the rule of law and fosters a culture of integrity. Our drivers are an integral part of this family, and their role contributes significantly to the smooth functioning of the institution. The training instilled a sense of pride and belonging, encouraging drivers to embrace their crucial role within the Judiciary.

Positive Impacts of the Training: The half-day training had an immediate and positive impact on our drivers and Transport Officers. The training strengthened their professionalism and affirmed their commitment to providing top-notch service.