In a ceremony before the President of the Court of Appeal Justice Anthony Fernando, Chief Justice Rony Govinden, and Judge Brassel Adeline, lawyer Ephna Peggy Chang-Thiou took her oaths and was admitted to the Bar of Seychelles as a registered Attorney.

 The event, which took place on Thursday 17 August 2023 at the Supreme Court, saw colleagues, family, and friends join for the occasion.

The President of the Court of Appeal, Justice Fernando, sat on the bench for the occasion as he used to be Ms. Chang-Thiou’s lecturer. He addressed her in open court, stating that she was a good student and that he wished her all the very best on this new chapter. Chief Justice Govinden also noted the times she appeared in court in criminal matters in the past, and how passionate she had been in her work. Judge Adeline recalled that both he and Ms. Chang-Thiou’s father came from the same districts, and that he was proud to see a lawyer “from the grassroots of that area” before the Courts now.

Some of Ms. Chang Thiou’s colleagues also spoke about their time working together, exchanging, and they commended her on her work style, perseverance, and passion.

Ms. Chang-Thiou also addressed the court, thanking those who have supported her throughout her journey. She was also accompanied by her pupil master, Mr. Rene Durup.

Ms. Chang-Thiou holds a Bachelor’s degree in Law awarded by the University of London and did a Masters’ degree in Public International Law. From September 2018 to August 2019, Ephna Peggy Chang-Thiou followed the Seychelles Bar course. She successfully passed all her Bar exams upon completing her Bar course in August 2019.