This year Seychelles is commemorating 30 years of the Constitution and 120 years of the Supreme Court. In order to celebrate, the Judiciary of Seychelles collaborated with other agencies to organize three separate events that target different portions of society throughout the month of June. Here is a quick summary of the events that took place:
“Think Like a Lawyer” mock trial by the Attorney General’s office and the National Council for Children 
For the second year in a row, in honour of Constitution Day celebrations coinciding with Children’s Month (Festival Zenfan) the Judiciary assisted the Attorney General’s office in hosting, “Think Like a Lawyer” – a full day mock trial meant to help students interested in law to get an immersive experience in court.
The mock trial, held on Wednesday 14 June 2023, was presided over by a real judge of the Supreme Court, Judge Gustave Dodin, and involved children from various private and state schools prosecuting and defending a bullying case.
This event is done in collaboration with the National Council for Children.
Tour of the Palais de Justice courts and building followed by a “Hot Seat” Q&A with the Chief Justice 
On the occasion of Constitution Day, the Judiciary  hosted a Q&A between school children and the Chief Justice. The students, from state and private schools across Mahe, Praslin, and La Digue island were able to ask hot topic questions directly to Chief Justice Rony Govinden in an open session, covering subjects such as age of sexual consent vs. voting age, how Judges remain impartial, how the Constitution functions, and other law related matters.
The students expressed their appreciation for the session, citing that the Chief Justice answered their questions quite openly and that they look forward to finding a way into a career in law and / or understanding their rights better.
The students also got a tour of the Palais de Justice Supreme Court building led by the Head of Public Relations and Communications, Sasha Alis, and an overview of how the court functions by the Registrar of the Supreme Court, Juliana Esticot.
Symposium for the celebration of the 120 Years of the Supreme Court
A half day Symposium took place in honor of the 120 years of the Supreme Court on Tuesday 20 June 2023 at the Palais de Justice auditorium.
The session was led by talks centering on the history of this democratic institution and it’s role in interpreting the Constitution. Presentations were made by the Honorable Chief Justice Rony Govinden, President of the Court of Appeal Justice Anthony Fernando, Honorable Leader of Government Business in the National Assembly and senior lawyer Mr. Bernard Georges, Attorney General Mr. Frank Ally, and President of the Bar Association Mr. Divino Sabino.
In attendance were a number of stakeholders and key persons, such as the Speaker of the National Assembly, Justices of the Court of Appeal past and present, the Ombudsman, Judges of the Supreme Court, the Master and Magistrates, government Deputies and representatives, legal officers and Attorneys, law students and graduates.
The speeches can be viewed here in detail.