In a dynamic collaboration, the Seychelles Media Commission joined forces with the Judiciary of Seychelles for an Editor’s Forum, a half-day session aimed at media heads and journalists.

Held on Thursday 9 November 2023 at the Palais de Justice auditorium, the event delved into the strides made in reporting on various crimes and court cases, while also identifying training needs for the upcoming year.

Chief Justice Rony Govinden, in his opening remarks, emphasized the pivotal role of the media in ensuring the transparency of justice. He underscored how accurate reporting serves as a cornerstone, subjecting the actions within courtrooms to scrutiny and upholding the checks and balances of our democratic society.

Sasha Marivel, the Head of Public Relations, took the floor to present the Court’s Media Practice Directions. She facilitated a productive dialogue on improving media access to information and enhancing their comprehension of court procedures and judicial impartiality.


Key speakers also included Dr. Marie-Reine Houareau, Chairperson of the Media Commission, Ibrahim Afif, the Commission’s Chief Executive, and Tessa Henderson, the Media Secretary. Tessa not only played a pivotal role in initiating the event but also facilitated its entirety.

The forum provided a platform for journalists to share their perspectives, challenges, and insights. They pinpointed areas where further support from government entities could elevate their work.

In essence, this collaboration represents a proactive step toward fostering understanding and collaboration between the media, the Commission that helps guide them, and the Judiciary. The open dialogue sets the stage for a more transparent and cooperative relationship, strengthening the pillars of democracy in Seychelles.

The Seychelles Media Commission and Judiciary’s joint effort is not merely a dialogue; it’s a shared commitment to bolstering transparency, understanding, and collaboration in the pursuit of justice.