Senior Magistrate Andy Asba was officially sworn into the role of Chief Magistrate – the first appointment in this post title for the Seychelles Judiciary. This appointment is a result of thorough evaluation of the Magistrate’s extensive background and experience, and stands as a testament to the Judiciary’s unwavering commitment to enhancing the effectiveness of our courts as a strategic goal.

The main goals of the Chief Magistrate will not only be to assist in case management, but also to support the Chief Justice in implementing the strategic goals of the Judiciary for the Magistrates Court.

Chief Magistrate Asba took his Oaths of Allegiance and Judicial Oaths before the Chief Justice Rony Govinden, Supreme Court judges, fellow Magistrates, and other court staff in a ceremony at the Palais de Justice auditorium on Thursday 12 October 2023.

At the event, Chief Justice Rony Govinden stated, “The ancient philosopher, Aeschylus, said: ‘It is not the oath that makes us believe the man, but the man the oath’. To you, Chief Magistrate Asba, I therefore leave this charge: that you distinguish yourself in your new office so as to ensure that the people of Seychelles believe the sanctity of the oath you have just subscribed to.”

The taking of oaths by public officials is a universal practice. The oath is recognized as a statement of commitment, probity, and loyalty to the office.

Speaking to the press, Chief Magistrate Asba expressed his joy at the appointment and stressed that work would be underway to implement some key strategic moves that he wishes to push forward; more notably better case management, and more digitization of the Magistrates Court.

As for his message to younger people in the same path, he added, “Never give up, keep striving, keep working.”

Souvenir photo with Chief Justice Rony Govinden, Chief Magistrate Asba, and Supreme Court Judges

Chief Magistrate Asba poses with his fellow Magistrate colleagues and Chief Justice Govinden


Magistrate Asba embarked on his journey in the field of law after rigorous and insightful academic pursuit, where he studied History and English Literature at SALS. Building on this foundation, he began his professional path by serving as an Enforcement Officer in the Family Tribunal, displaying early on a steadfast passion for justice.

In 2008, he furthered his legal education by completing his A Levels in English Law and pursued higher studies through the University of London International Program. Guided by a relentless drive, Magistrate Asba obtained his Bachelors Degree in Law in August 2012 and subsequently succeeded in the Seychelles Bar Exam in 2014.

In his remarkable journey, Magistrate Asba displayed versatility and dedication, having served as an Assistant Legal Advisor with the Seychelles Financial Intelligence Unit and later contributing his expertise within the chambers of the Attorney General. Recognizing his potential and merit, he was appointed Vice-Chair and was later on promoted to Chairperson of the Family Tribunal.

In March 2017, Magistrate Asba was appointed to the esteemed position of Magistrate, marking a significant milestone in his career – until today with this new milestone.