This year’s International Day of Democracy theme, “Empowering the Next Generation,” highlights the vital role of young people in safeguarding and shaping our democratic future. Young individuals bring innovation, creativity, and fresh perspectives that enrich our societies. Their active participation in democratic processes fosters responsible citizenship and strengthens democratic institutions.

Young people today are the leaders and decision-makers of tomorrow. Yet, their engagement in democracy faces significant challenges that could jeopardize the health of our democracies. To address this, it is crucial for all branches of government and state institutions to actively engage with our youth, nurturing their appreciation for the democratic process. This empowerment will ensure the endurance of our democracy for generations to come.

Recognizing this need, the Judiciary has been actively involved in promoting democratic values and understanding among our young citizens throughout the year. Our efforts include hosting moot trials. These trials provide private and public school students with valuable insights into court processes and legal defense strategies, becoming an annual tradition.

In celebration of the 30th anniversary of our Constitution, we facilitated a Q&A session between the Chief Justice and secondary school students from various state schools. This session aimed to encourage open dialogue and foster a deeper understanding of our laws among the younger generation.

Moreover, we regularly conduct guided tours of our courts and premises for students of all ages. Recently, we welcomed students from the Seychelles Business Studies Academy, focusing on human resources, for a visit to the Employment Tribunal. These initiatives provide students with firsthand experiences of our judicial system.

As part of our commitment to educational endeavors, a Judge of the Supreme Court addressed young participants about the Judiciary’s role in upholding the rule of law during the Transparency Initiative Seychelles’ inaugural Youth Integrity Forum, which received significant attention.

We remain steadfast in our dedication to engaging youth in the process of capacity building for democracy. On this International Day of Democracy, we extend our warmest wishes to the youth and citizens of Seychelles. Together, let us continue to nurture a vibrant and enduring democracy for our nation’s future.