27 MARCH 2020

Under the current operating procedures of the Supreme Court, Magistrate’s Court and Tribunals that have been implemented in response to COVID-19, decisions of the courts and tribunals are delivered once a week on a Friday until further notice.

The following decisions were handed down on Friday, 27 March 2020. For a copy of the decision please contact the Registrar of the Supreme Court.


  1. CP 15/19 Arising in MC 87/18 – The Government of Seychelles (E. Almeida) v/s Public Service Appeal Board (J. Renaud) and Rolly Marie (O. Chang-Leng)
  2. CP 16/19 – The Government of Seychelles (E. Almeida) v/s Public Service Appeal Board (J. Renaud) and Gretel Jacques (R. Durup)


  1. CC 6/18 – Chandler Parkash etc. (G. Ferley) v/s Marthe Petrovar-Didon (C. Andre) (Judgment)
  2. MC 18/19 – The Government of Seychelles (D. Esparon) v/s Gianni Bordino (F. Elizabeth) (Judgment)
  3. MA 313/18 Arising in CS 24/17 – Fabien Enrico Paul Villemont (E. Wong) v/s Charles Dubignon & Anor (A. Madeleine) Judgment
  4. DC 223/19 – Veronique Kelly Esparon (Self Represented) v/s Garett Esparon (Unrepresented) Judgment
  5. MC 10/20 – Alexandra Dorifa Dorah (Self Represented) v/s Chief Immigration Officer (Unrepresented) Order
  6. DC 228/19 – Tania Lindy Boodna nee Accouche (L. Boniface) v/s Steven Henry Boodna (Unrepresented) Order
  7. XP 14/20 – Marie Sylvette Melanie (L. Pool) Order
  8. XP 02/20 – Vanette Angelica Roucou (V. Gill) Order
  9. XP 218/19 – Audrey Karen Maria Renaud (Order)
  10. XP 229/19 – Marie Georgette Cecile Hodoul (P. Pardiwalla) Order
  11. DC 173/19 – Idris Ahmad Yusuf (B. Hoareau) v/s Colette Denise Yusuf (Unrepresented) Order
  12. DC 08/20 – Nelly Loizeau born Mousmie (Self Represented) v/s Ian Loizeau (Unpresented) Order
  13. DC 164/19 – Alekah Ruth Accouche nee Pillay (B. Julie) v/s Nadime Rodney James Accouche (Unrepresented) Order
  14. DC 03/20 – Kimberly Michelle Aysha Salomon born Landry (Self Represented) v/s Rickbert Garette Salomon (Unpresented) Order
  15. CA 18/19 – Kot Babi Guest House ( Lucas) v/s Seychelles Land Transport Agency (G. Thatchett) Judgment
  16. MC 110/19 – J A Resorts & Hotels LLC (O. Chang-Leng) v/s Abel Damergi (K. Louise) Ruling
  17. CS 73/17 – Botanica Residence and Resort (herein represented by Mr. Nabil Elmasry Sunshine Properties) (F. Elizabeth) v/s Amirante International Cuisine (Pty) Ltd (A. Amesbury) (Judgment)
  18. XP 32/20 – Mikella Natachai Albert (L. Pool) (Order)
  19. DV 152/20 – Bernadette Doreen D’Souza (nee Valentin) (A. Amesbury) v/s Fabian Felix D’Souza (Unrepresented)
  20. MA 144/19 Arising in CS 56/17 – Alex Monthy (F. Elizabeth) v/s Anissa Payet (A. Derjacques) Order
  21. CR79/15 – Republic (L. Rongmei) v/s Jean-Luc Rose (N. Gabriel) and Kishnan Louise (F. Bonte) Judgment
  22. MA 250/17 Arising in DC 160/16 – Debra Sheila Adela (N. Gabriel) v/s Steve Peter Savy (J. Camille) Judgment
  23. CS 65/16 – Ernesta Marlette And Onor (K. Louise) v/s H Savy Insurance Company Limited (A. Benoiton) Judgment
  24. XP 21/20 – Kelly-Anne Virginie Joan Pothin (S. Rajasundaram) Order
  25. CS 162/19 – Rachid Meme (B. Georges) v/s The Estate of the late Louis Telermont (Rep by its Executrix Ms. Dorothy Brioche) Judgement Ex-Parte
  26. MA 246/19 Arising in CA 34/13 – Intershore Banking Corporation Limited (P. Boulle) v/s Central Bank of Seychelles (G. Thatchett) Ruling
  27. CS 74/19 – Julie & Ors (N. Gabriel) v/s Bonne & Ors (Unrepresented) Order


  1. MA 94/19 Arising in CS 13/13 – Datania Verlaque (L. Benoiton) v/s Allain Ah-Thion (A. Amesbury) (Ruling)
  2. CS 33/17 – JNA Bus Services Pty Limited (N. Gabriel) v/s H Resort Hotel (K. Shah) (Judgment)
  3. CS 52/19 – Seychelles Trading Company Limited (S. Rajasundaram) v/s Bastion Limited (B. Hoareau)


  1. RB 40/19 – Joel Emmanuel Ester (N. Gabriel) v/s Priya Chetty (A. Amesbury) Ruling
  2. RB 41/19 – Mangalanayagi Rajasundaram (S. Rajasundaram) v/s Didier Morel (Self Represented) Ruling


  1. ET 05/17 – Anifa Solin (S. Rajasundaram) v/s Ami’s Canteen (N. Gabriel)
  2. ET 11/19 – Usuwal Gurung (W. Lucas) v/s Constance Ephilia Seychelles (J. Camille) (Ruling)
  3. ET 113/19 – International Food Solution Pty Ltd (L. Boniface) v/s Gretel Legras (Self Represented) (Ruling)