In honor of Breast Cancer Awareness month in October 2021, the Judiciary circulated a collection box for any staff compelled to make a donation to the Cancer Concern Association, who contributes financially to cancer patients and their families.

A handing over of the funds was made by the Public Relations office and Finance Department of the Judiciary to its board members Dinaz Van Der Lans and Marie Godley on Tuesday 30 November 2021.

Marie Godley (left) and Dinaz Van Der Lans (right) receive the funds from the Judiciary’s Financial Controller Peggy Nassib (centre)

The Association contributes financially to the heavy costs that many patients incur when choosing to go overseas for their treatments in specialized medical facilities that can adequately care for them. Aside from financial assistance, they also provide counselling, dietary tips, and em0tional support to the patients and their families.

Many staff from the various administrative departments of the Judiciary made contributions towards the cause.

It is the hope of the Judiciary that further collaborations can be made next year to further support the association in the much needed work they are doing.