A group of 19 Civil Status Officers who will be performing duties as wedding officiants took their official oaths before the Chief Justice Rony Govinden on Friday 23 June at the Palais de Justice. This oath also ensures they take their oaths of allegiance to serve the Republic as officers who fall under the purview of the Civil Status Office in government.

The Officers are Alexadrine Knight, Brigitte Joubert, Debra Malbrook, Dora Zatte, Gilliana Anacoura, Nigel Confiance, Arlette Houareau, Ethel Mellie, Gail Jumeau, Gerard Govinden, Jasmine Talma, Jean-Paul Telemaque, Josy Michaud-Payet, Lisette Lablache, Lucy Athanasius, Marie Harray, Marieta Labrosse, Michel Valentin, and Steve Thelermont.