Nisha Alleear was admitted as an Attorney at Law before the Chief Justice Rony Govinden and Supreme Court Judge, Mohan Burhan, in Court Room 1 on Monday 11 April 2022.

In attendance was Mr. Bernard George, with whom she did her pupilage, her colleagues and family. One special guest included her father, retired Chief Justice Vivekanand Alleear, who served at the Seychelles Supreme Court from 1994 to 2009.

Nisha Alleear and her family posing with Judge Burhan and Chief Justice Govinden

Nisha Alleear earned a Bachelor of Law with Honors from Middlesex University in the UK. She was called to the Bar at the University of the West of England in Bristoll in July 2019. From 1 April 2020, she began two year pupillage at Georges & Co. law firm in Seychelles.

Mr. Georges endorsed her admittance to the bar fully, explaining to the court that she had assisted him in some big cases during her pupillage, namely in the Vijay case and MultiChoice case. “I am sad to lose such a great pupil, but happy for her success,” he noted. He also spoke fondly on the days when he worked with her father, outgoing Chief Justice Alleear, almost forty years ago to date.

Judge Burhan also welcomed her to her new post, stating that she had appeared before him on a few occasions in court and that she had been performing well.

Chief Justice Rony Govinden gave a short address before she took her oaths, highlighting that while she has big shoes to fill because of who her father is, she can do it based on her experience and his guidance.

“You have certainly inherited qualities from your father,” he noted. “In addition you must have faith for things to work out. Don’t be an idealist, but understand that things always work out for the best. You may lose clients or cases, but that is part of the job. What matters is that you give it your best in good faith. Continue to learn so you may grow, and adapt to this ever changing field – laws get updated, legislation is always changing. Finally, take care of yourself – both physically and mentally. It can be easy to neglect yourself in this difficult and demanding job, but never forget your health.”