Prosecutors from the Attorney General’s office took their oaths before the Chief Justice Rony Govinden on Tuesday 26 April 2022, putting them on par with other officers in the AG’s office such as State Counsels and others.

While this was not in practice before, an amendment has been made so that Prosecutors can also commit to their work, pledge to the Constitution, and be held more accountable to their work through a short swearing in ceremony. It however does not mark any change to their duties.

In attendance at the ceremony was also Attorney General Mr. Frank Ally, and other representatives of the AGs Office.

Speaking to the Prosecutors after the swearing in, Chief Justice Govinden noted that now more than ever, people expect a high level of service from those working in the legal profession.

“People know their rights more now, and will therefore be more expectant of the service they receive and the outcomes of their cases,” Chief Justice Govinden told attendees inside courtroom 1. “It places more on you to perform well. You have a duty towards your clients, and towards the Constitution.”

The Prosecutors who have been sworn in are as follows:

  • Mary Madeleine
  • Channa Durup
  • Judy Tirant
  • Zerah Dubignon
  • Christine Simeon
  • Arshill Cadeau
  • Christine Leste
  • Josee Holanda
  • Ellie Rideau
  • Edwina Sheran Camille
  • Ryan Louange
  • Gervais Dubignon
  • Salmaan Ja’far