To members of the public, please be advised that if you do not have any summons or if your name does not appear on the cause list, you should refrain from being at the court house if it is not necessary. Our courtrooms have limited space. This is due to the new sitting arrangement done in line with the covid-19 policies.

While the courthouse is open to the public, we have to prioritize court staff, lawyers, accused persons, remanded persons, and those being summoned.

This guideline also applies to journalists and media personnel.

The judiciary upholds open justice and as such, journalists covering a case or court appearance are always welcome. However due to space limitations, they are encouraged to come early to ensure they have a seat, and to follow directives from the presiding judge, court staff, and security officers.

Also note that any persons causing disturbances on court premises or disrespecting any court staff qualifies as an offence. Said persons will not be admitted to the courthouse and will be asked to leave immediately.

We remind the public and the media to respect and to follow directives from the presiding judge, the court staff, and security officers at all times.

We thank you for your kind understanding.

Notis pou piblik

Ser manm piblik, zot gany konseye  ki si zot napa okenn somonn pour aparet ankour ouswa zot non pa paret lo ‘cause list’ , note ki nou bann lakour plas i limite e sa  i avek laranzman asize kin gany fer an liny avek bann polisi covid- 19. Zot gany konseye pour evite vin kot lakour si pa neseser.

Pandan ki lakour i en lorganizasyon ki sipoze ouver avek piblik, priorite i bezwen gany fer pou son bann travayer, avoka, bann akize, bann rimann e bann kin gany en somonn pou vin ankour.

Sa polisi i osi aplikab pou bann zournalis e travayer medya.

Zidisyer i kontiyen metenir lazistis pour tou dimoun e an liny avek sa, bann zournalis ki ape kouver en ka zot touzour gany akeir. Toud-menm an vi ki plas i limite, zot osi gany ankouaraze pou vin boner pou asir zot plas, e pou swiv direktiv ki gany donnen par sa ziz spesifik ki pe ekout sa ka, travayer lakour ouswa bann sekirite.

Note ki okenn dimoun ki ape koz okenn problenm lo premis zidisyer ouswa mank respe pour okenn travayer lakour zot pe komet en lofans. Sa dimoun ki ape konport li dan sa fason pa pou gany les antre dan lakour e pou gany demande pou kit landwa imedyatman.

Nou oule re enform manm piblik avek medya pou respekte e swiv bann direktiv donnen par bann ziz, trvayer lakour e sekirite a tou moman.

nou remersye ou pou ou konprenezon.