The Judiciary hosted a wellness session in honor of Men’s Day on Friday 18 November at the Palais de Justice auditorium focused on stress management for all the men working at the institution.

Celebrated yearly on 19 November, Men’s Day serves to raise awareness on men’s positive contributions to society, their mental health, and wellbeing.

Leading the session was wellness coach and yoga instructor Lucie Harter, who spoke of the importance of the nervous system and how the brain affects how people experience stress. The session was also highlighted by the Chief Justice Rony Govinden’s talk, who addressed the team and shared words of encouragement and appreciation to them all.

“You may be in a minority here at the Judiciary, but do not doubt your value for a second,” the Chief Justice noted. “There are so many moving parts to delivering justice to the public, and you contribute to that each day – one way or another. We want to say thank you for all that you do.”

He added that they should continue to exhibit the qualities that make them succeed – discipline, honestly, perseverance, fairness, and good temperament.

Ms. Harter also shared tips on how to notice the effects of stress before they take over one’s health and behavior, and how to release stress in an effective way. She also led interactive discussions about what it means to be a man in today’s society with all the pressures and expectations placed on them.

The Judiciary team recognizes the mental toll that a job at an institution like the Courts can have on its male staff, and wanted to address mental health in a positive and constructive approach.

The Human Resources and Public Relations departments, who have been spearheading this initiative, will be working in coordination to implement more Employee Wellness activities throughout the next year as there has been positive responses from staff.