Wendy Pierre was officially admitted as an Attorney at Law in a formal ceremony in court room 1 before Chief Justice Rony Govinden and with the assistance of the court staff last week.

Pierre had previously worked on the legal and compliance aspects of the financial services sector of the Seychelles International Business Authority (SIBA) before becoming Chief Executive Officer.

She holds at Bachelor of Laws (LLB) awarded by the University of Mauritius, and successfully passed the Bar Exam in December 2016. She also completed her pupilage from March 2017 to date at the Attorney General’s Office.

Deputy General for the AG’s Office, David Esparon, endorsed Wendy Pierre as an Attorney, stating his support. State Counsel and fellow colleague Stefan Knights spoke a few words on his experience working with Wendy Pierre, noting her attention to detail in her work, her dedication, and legal abilities.

The ceremony consisted of a short introduction, followed by her taking an oath and signing relevant paperwork confirming her admission before Chief Justice Govinden and the Registrar of the Supreme Court. This was done in the presence of Justice Fiona Robinson and other family members and colleagues.