This is the official message from the Office of the Chief Justice on the occasion of Women’s Day 2021:

The theme chosen by the United Nations for this year’s women’s day is “Women in leadership; Achieving an equal future in a Covid -19 world”. This is a very pertinent theme as it depicts the challenges that this world is presently facing in the light of the continued struggle for gender equality.

Gender equality is achievable; the judicial arm of the Republic is a strong example of that, with more than half of the bench of the Court of Appeal, almost of the bench of the Supreme Court, and half of the bench of the Magistrates Court occupied by women. Women also hold other senior positions and are in the majority in the rest of our team.

As leaders in the judiciary, women have used the best of their qualities to the best of their ability to move Seychelles forward. Their involvement in judicial decisions have not only improve the intellectual qualities of those decisions but has also brought in those traits that are so strong in their gender – this includes care, empathy, compassion and courage.

I am confident that the leadership qualities that women exhibit will help make us prevail both in this COVID-19 pandemic world and thereafter.

I take this opportunity to wish all women and girls of Seychelles a happy women’s day.

Chief Justice Ronny Govinden