The Judiciary’s latest Strategic Plan covers the period 2021-2025. It seeks to build upon and review that previous plan, which was the Vision 2020. The Judiciary has kept the eight strategic pillars, consisting of the core foundational pillars, which have been broken down into specific goals assigned to specific departments with deliverables set over a specific time frame. These goals have been designed by the departments themselves with the awareness of their existing shortcomings and the need for improvements.

The Judiciary of Seychelles Strategic Plan 2021-2025 
Efficient, Accessible, Independent, Accountable, Transparent


In February 2017, the Judiciary launched and signed up to a strategic plan which would span four years – 2017 to 2020. The strategic plan, titled Vision 2020 was the output of a process of consultation with stakeholders on the successes of the Judiciary’s previous strategic plan, its current position and its aspirations. Vision 2020 seeks to build on the successes of previous strategic plans and has eight strategic imperatives:

1. Streamlining Court Processes
2. Innovating Case Administration Systems
3. Revamping the Legal Aid Scheme
4. Encouraging Better Employee Relations
5. Repositioning the Judiciary’s Public Image
6. Upgrading Public Infrastructure
7. Engaging Local Partners
8. Securing Greater Financial Autonomy

The Office of the Chief Justice oversees the roll out of the plan. Special committees are in place to oversee specific topics and individual sections are responsible for implementing the plan within their own sectors. The strategic plan is reviewed annually.

Vision 2020 is available here: Judiciary Strategic Plan – 2017 -2020